Artist Profiles


Colectivo 1050ᵒ


Western Hemisphere




Innovando la Tradicion



Medium of Work:

Lead-free clay bowls, vases and cookware

Year(s) Attended:

2015, 2016


Marcina’s elegant pots are known for their unique red polish, achieved through a special technique passed down through generations. The shapes of her work are inspired by the beauty and balance that she sees in nature. Helping to support her family with her art, a pot is more than a physical object— it represents her identity, her heritage, and a better future for her family and her people.

Traditional pottery has been a part of Zapotec life for centuries. Used daily in the kitchen and for the storage of food, it is said that pottery is the heart of every home.

Innovando la Tradición is a nonprofit focused on supporting the potters and pottery traditions of Oaxaca, Mexico. Their mission is to bring dynamism to Oaxacan pottery and to connect its traditional beauty with the modern world.