International Folk Art Market | Collection at the Dallas Market Center

The International Folk Art Market | Collection at the Dallas Market Center Encourages sustainable and dignified livelihoods by connecting artists with wholesale buyers for year-round income. Over five days, approximately 25 artists receive booth space and hands-on training at the Dallas Market Center, one of the largest home and gift shows in the country where they connect and establish relationships with wholesale buyers.

Artists learn about wholesale marketing, order fulfillment, and how to strengthen their income and earning opportunities through export. Over five years, 57 artists have earned more than $800,000 from immediate sales and hundreds of thousands of dollars from wholesale orders.

IFAM  |  Collection Dates:

June 22-26, 2016
Dallas Market Center



The International Folk Art Market | Collection provides an opportunity for master folk artists to participate in a venue that puts them in contact with hundreds of buyers from all over the United States and beyond. Through these wholesale connections, artists now have year-round income, creating a lasting economic impact in their communities.

In addition to purchasing folk art, buyers are given the opportunity to have direct contact with the artists and learn the cultural traditions behind each piece, discovering the humanity of the handmade. Dates for the International Folk Art Market  |  Collection are are March 22-25, 2017 and June 20-25, 2017 at the Dallas Market Center, Dallas, TX.

2016 International Folk Art Market   |   Collection  Artists:

Reinel Mendoza   |   Finatur Design   |   Colombia   |   Textiles
La Mega |   Ecuador   |   Jewelry
Ebenezer Nomoda Djaba   |   Cedi Beads   |   Ghana   | Beadwork
Amalia Gue | Ixbalam’ke Cooperative   |   Guatemala |   Textiles
Josnel Bruno   |   Haiti   |   Metalwork
Abduljabbar Khatri   |   Sidr Craft   |   India   |   Textiles
Mamta Varma  |   Bhairvis Chikan   |   India   |   Textiles
Andrea Usai   |   KOKKU   |   Italy   |   Jewelry
Zhanyl Sharshembieva   | 7 Sisters |   Kyrgystan   |   Textiles
Museo Belber Jimenez   |   Mexico   |   Jewelry
Innovando la Tradicion   |   Mexico   |   Ceramics
Daniel Cruz   |   Mexico   |   Ceramics
Amina Yabis | Sefrou Women’s Button Cooperative |   Morocco   |   Jewelry
Pa Mang   |   Yoyamay   |   Myanmar   |   Homegoods
Omba Arts Trust   |   Namibia   |   Jewelry & Homegoods
Ujjwal Shrestha   |   Nepal   |   Paper & Painting
Hilda & Sonia Cachi |   Joyas Cachi   |   Peru   |   Jewelry
Claudio Quispe   |   Retablos Ayacuchanos   | Peru |   Retablos
Lillian Semigga   |   Uganda Crafts | Uganda   |   Baskets
Rasuljon Mirzaakhmedov   |   Uzbekistan   |   Textiles
Gulnora Odilova   |   Uzbekistan   |   Textiles
Mukhayyo Aliyeva  | Uzbekistan   |   Textiles